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While working at CrossFit High Power as a coach, I was tasked with designing and developing the new website to be used on the Wordpress platform. The idea was to re-use all the current site content but display it in a newly designed layout. I worked with the owner to come up with the various different pages and design for the site.

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Site Thoughts

I wanted to come up with a site design that made it easy for potential members to research the gym and community while also giving current members the ability to see the workout of the day (WOD). Creating the homepage with the WOD clearly visible was a top priority for current members and allowed them to easily find out what their workout would be. Further down the homepage there was an explanation for the program progression, which turned out to be one of the deciding factors in new members choosing High Power over other local gyms.

The 'Programs' and 'Meeting the Team' pages were especially important in making sure that potential members felt like they were already part of the community before they even set foot inside the gym. In addition, we included testimonials from current members to help drive potential members' interest in checking out the gym and signing up for the introductory class.

You can check out the site live at

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