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ElectirClean Banner

Overview and Primary Logo

ElectriClean is a start-up business using a new electric way to clean things with their target clientele being gyms. The owners came to me with a general idea of the elements and color scheme they were looking for. I worked with the owners to create a logo containing certain elements that were important to the company. The hand represented manual labor, lightning bolt for electricity and the shield for protection. I chose colors based on their recommendation of 'electric colors'. The yellow (lightning) and electric blue further supported the identity of ElectriClean and the brand image that the owners desired.

ElectirClean Logo

Stamp/Sticker Logo

The owners also wanted a stamp/sticker logo that they could use on items such as coasters, decals, apparel, etc. I created the icon mark from the logo, the shield, and multiple lightning bolts. Designing the mark in all the brand colors gave the owners the flexibility to use it on any item they wanted. In addition, the mark included the ElectriClean slogan, "Experts in Surface Sanitization".

ElectirClean Sticker

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