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Flows By Erin

Flows By Erin

Identity Design & Business Card Design

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Overview and Primary Logo

Flows by Erin is a private yoga studio with a target market of people seeking one-on-one yoga lessons. The client did not have a particular idea in mind when they approached me, so I had free reign to do as I saw fit. A lotus flower is a very tranquil and calming image, two words you might associate with yoga as well. Then, using a photo of the owner performing a yoga pose, I created the figure as negative space within the lotus flower. The colors I chose are also very tranquil and support the overall atmosphere that you encounter when you enter a yoga studio. I provided two versions of the logo, one version with everything stacked (seen below/to the right) and another version presented side-by-side.

Flows By Erin Logo

Business Card

The client was also looking for a business card design. I created three or four design and let the client choose their favorite. For the card, I wanted to stick with the calm, tranquil look and avoid any distractions. I decided that a clean, simple card with smaller type and more space between the content worked best.

Flows By Erin Business Cards

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