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Identity Design & Twitch Stream Assets

ikoNiK Banner

Overview and Logo Design

ikoNiK is a small content creator on Twitch. They were looking for a logo and stream assets that were slightly more professional and would stand out in order to attract more viewers. I created a wordmark and icon for the client to be used across the Twitch platform and all assets for the stream. My goal was simplicity, while also creating a clean mark that would be easily recognizable and stand out when seen against other content creators on Twitch.

ikoNiK Logo


The first set of assets I created for the client were banners for both their Twitch and Twitter profiles. After a conversation with the client, I created several banners featuring specific characters from a variety of games. The client then had the flexibility to switch up the banner depending on which character he was playing most at different points in time. I also created a more generic banner that could be used when the character ones were not appropriate.

ikoNiK Profile Banners

Other Twitch Assets

Other Twitch platform assets included subscriber badges, an offline screen, emotes, and information panels. The subscriber badges and emotes are elements that users receive simply by subscribing to the channel. Emotes are images used in stream chats, similar to emojis, but customized to the specific channel.

ikoNiK Subscriber Badges

Custom Stream Assets

Custom stream assets that are used outside the Twitch platform include a stream overlay, animated full screen items, and a scene transition. I also created an animated alert notification that slides out above the webcam for when someone new subscribes or follows the channel. All the full screen assets are animated and help increase the value of the content the viewer is receiving. These items are pretty basic, but they add a nice touch to the stream and are assets that most creators don't have.

ikoNiK Offline Screen
ikoNiK Overlay
ikoNiK Info Panels

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