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Identity Design & Twitch Stream Assets

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Overview and Logo Design

Jbonesy is a new content creator on Twitch who was looking to add custom assets and a custom logo to his stream. The client has a very distinct look on camera when they are streaming... a baseball hat and big red beard. This distinct look is where my inspiration for the logo came from. I took a unique approach to this design and really tried to incorporate the identity of the person into the logo so viewers would immediately know who they were watching.

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Other Twitch Assets

Other assets that I created for the Twitch platform consisted of a banner for the Twitch profile, an icon for the profile icon, an offline screen that overlays on the stream area, and information panels that go below the stream. In addition, I created custom emotes and subscriber badges to show a viewer's dedication to that specific streamer.

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Custom Stream Assets

The most frequently used stream asset that I designed is the stream overlay consisting of an animated webcam border, a recent information area, and notification alerts. Full screen assets used for 'stream starting', 'taking a break', and 'stream ending', were also integrated into the client’s stream content. All of these assets were animated to add some flair and additional depth to the viewing experience.

Main Jbonesy Image

The client made three personal requests during the design process. The first was a screen where the webcam area was larger and the game screen was smaller. This was to be used for when the client was searching for a game to play and the game screen did not need to be the focal point. I created the animated asset with text and bones sliding in the background. The second request was a large webcam screen for when the game or computer screen was to be hidden. The final request was for a custom transition to appear for switching between all the scenes.

Jbonesy Logo Examples
Jbonesy Social Media Icon
Jbonesy Detail Info Area
Jbonesy Full Screen Assets
Jbonesy Twitch Banner
Jbonesy Chat Emotes
Jbonesy Info Panels
Jbonesy Sub Badges
Jbonesy Alert
Jbonesy Scene Transition

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