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Identity Design & Twitch Stream Assets

ProperTactics Banner

Overview and Logo Design

ProperTactics is a small content creator on Twitch. They were looking for a new logo and all new assets for their Twitch stream. I worked with the client to build their visual identity and create full screen layouts. For the logo, they were looking for an “e-sports” feel, so I created a few different types of marks to use for the various assets. The primary mark is a combination of a P and a T with a reticle in the center of the P. When creating the wordmark, I thought it best to incorporate the reticle form the primary mark. The third mark is a combination of the wordmark and another icon that I created for the client.

ProperTactics Logos

Other Twitch Assets

I created a handful of assets that consisted of banners for use on both their Twitch and Twitter profiles. Other Twitch assets included information panels for below the Twitch stream, an offline screen, and a profile icon.

ProperTactics Profile Banner

Custom Stream Assets

Full screen assets to use in the live stream included 'starting soon', 'taking a break', and 'stream ending' screens. All of these screens were animated using Adobe After Effects. Another item that was created with After Effects was the custom transition, which is used when one scene is switched over to a different stream. The transition was created to boost the visual appeal of an otherwise dull action and added another feature to the stream. The final custom stream asset was the stream overlay. The overlay consisted of an animated webcam border with the logo, a bar containing live streaming information, and a notification alert for when someone followed or subscribed to the channel.

ProperTactics Offline Screen
ProperTactics Overlay
ProperTactics Info Panels

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