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Las Vegas Raiders Logo Concept

Las Vegas Raiders Logo Concept

Identity Design Concept

Las Vegas Raiders Banner

Overview and Logo Design

One of the logos I had been wanting to redesign for the longest time was the Oakland Raiders logo, and with their move to Las Vegas, it felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. The challenge I issued to myself was to keep the general elements of the logo mark (vintage helmet, swords and patch), but update them to appear more contemporary. My first task was to clean up the helmet and swords to keep them simple but still having that iconic look that is synonymous with the Raiders brand. The second task was redesigning the human face into a skeleton and making the nose a spade to give it that little extra touch of Vegas.

Las Vegas Raiders Primary Logos

The main color scheme remained the same with one simple addition of an accent color...a darker gold to complement the move to Las Vegas. The primary logo colors are a black shield with a gray mark and gray text. There is gold wrapping around the shield and it is the color of the Nevada state outline. The secondary logo colors are a gray shield with a black mark and type and gold for the nose and eyepatch.

Las Vegas Raiders Secondary Logo Colors

Uniform Mockups

I thought it would be important to see the logo displayed on various items such as helmets, jerseys, hats and polo shirts. These are all things that are worn by the athletes themselves, as well as the fans and coaches. The helmet design is simply a sticker of the logo placed onto the side panel, a method consistently used around the NFL to display helmet logos. The jersey features a slight change from their current set up; I added in the accent color to the collar and sleeves while keeping the jersey black with gray numbers and letters.

Las Vegas Raiders Uniform Mockups

Apparel Mockups

For the apparel, I took current Raiders apparel and placed the logo in their current spots. Simple and easy. It was never my plan to completely deviate from what the team is doing now, but to simply give it a refresh.

Las Vegas Raiders Apparel Mockups


Overall, this logo is solid and fits within the Las Vegas Raiders' current brand. I hope to see the team redesign their identity soon, as it consists of a tired looking logo amongst all the newer, cleaner marks of the NFL.

Want to see these images in a larger format, head over to my Dribble to check them out: Raiders Logos and Raiders Mockups

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